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Core Disciplines


Core DisiplinesCollaboration:

We feel that the most successful projects begin with extensive collaboration between our company and clients that is maintained throughout the engagement. The collaboration starts with an initial (JAD) Joint Application Design session, where robust discussions, covering every details of the assignment, take place. Each JAD session yields a statement of work and objective summary that has been reviewed and approved by all at Global Service Solutions and the key stakeholders of our clients. These documents become the foundation to future project designs and action plans.


Although we utilizes many proven procedures and protocols, designed to exceed client expectations, we also remain flexible to client specific subtleties present in each engagement. No two projects are the same therefore all of our strategies and approaches posses the required flexibility to address individual client needs or desires.

Strategic Analysis:

Critical to the achievement of our client's objectives is the review and analysis of all data supporting their current service or contact center paradigm. This analysis includes a review of existing data, volume drivers and forecasts as well as service level performance. Also, contained in this analysis is a "root cause" assessment which identifies the "genesis factors" of all performance drivers.

Tactical "Hands On" Implementation:

Our team stands ready to execute any plan, strategy or remediation we develop for our clients. Depending on the nature of the engagement, we will assimilate into the culture of our client and actually implement the approved plans. In other words, we will actually do the work!


Perhaps the most critical discipline among all our core disciplines is our sense of urgency. We approaches all engagements, regardless of size, swiftly and efficiently. We realize that the value we offer is maximized via immediate implementation and results. We are mile stone driven and will communicate our progress throughout the assignment. Schedule will be adhered to, changes will be communicated and results will be delivered, urgently.